(1) Loss of position,
(2) One practising austerities,
(3) One who has bad intentions towards other persons' wives,
(4) Gambler,
(5) One who is mounted on a prominent elephant,
 (6) One who is installed on a throne,
(7) A king,
(8) Destroyer of enemies,
(9) Commander of an army,
(10) Equipped with good qualities,
(11) One that is dead or without any energy,
 (12) One whose head is severed,
(13) One who has injured head and feet,
(14) One who is captured (imprisoned),
(15) One who is spoilt,
(16) A king.
(17) One who studies the Vedas,
(18) One who sleeps,
(19) Virtuous,
(20) One who acts according to Dharma,
(21) One who belongs to a good family,
(22) One who unearths a treasure,
(23) One who belongs to a family of renowned and learned persons,
(24) One clever in exposition,
(25) Destroyer of enemies,
(26) Sickly,
(27) Conquered by enemies,
(28) One who has left his native land,
(29) A servant,
(30) One whose all wealth has been destroyed,
(31) A number of royal assemblies,
(32) A good minister or adviser,
(33) One who has become lord of other persons lands.
(34) One who is faithful to his wife,
(35) One who is afraid of elephants,
(36) Coward,
(37) One who Is very afraid,
(38) One who lives in hiding.
(39) One who feeds others,
(40) One who falls down in a Ore,
(41) One who is hungry,
(42) One who is eating,
(43) Wanderer,
(44) Non-vegetarian,
(45) One who is wounded by a weapon,
(46) Married,
(47) One with a ball in his hand,
(48) A gambler.
(49) A king,
(50) One who is unhappy,
(51) One who has lying on a couch,
(52) One who is served by his enemies,
(53) One who has friends,
(54) A Yogi,
(55) One who is with his wife,
(56) One who is fond of sweets,
(57) One who drinks milk,
(58) One who performs pious deeds,
(59) Healthy and
(60) Happy.
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