Indu Lagna - Dhana Lagna in Vedic Astrology

Indu lagna / Dhana Lagna is one of the special ascendants and is known as the ascendant of wealth and prosperity. It is described as Moon Yoga in the Brihat Parashara Hora Shashtra. It has got special significance in Ashtaka Varga. It is used to analyze the financial situation of a native.
'Indu Lagna' is an independent and complete method devised by our ancient Rishis for finding out specific period of life which will give wealth and prosperity of an individual irrespective of other Dhana yogas present in the horoscope.

Indu means – moon, camphor, and Mrigashira Nakshatra (another name for same) and "bright drop" in Sanskrit. The Moon in Sanskrit is called 'Indu', hence Indu Lagna should not be confused with Chandra Lagna (Rashi).
Moon is prime controller of not only wealth but its sustenance without Moon`s help even life can’t be sustained then leave other things. Thus  Indu Lagna will show power, wealth, prospeity, sustenance, creation of something new. It also determines important incidents of a native’s life.

In Uttara Kalamrita Indu Lagna has been listed after 'Adhi Yoga' (Ch.IV.26) under the heading 'owning wealth.' followed by 'Dhan Yoga' (ch.IV.28) and 'Special Dhana Yogas'. This indicates that the result of Indu Lagna is independent of other Dhan Yogas present in the horoscope.

अर्कान्नागचटस्तनुर्जननटः खेटायनं स्युस्तनो-
श्चन्द्राद्भाग्यपयोः क्लैक्यमिनहृच्छिष्टं विद्योर्यद्गृहम्।
तद्राशौ तु विपापशोभनखगे कोटीश्वरं तन्वते,
                                          चेत्पापे तु सहस्त्रशः खलखगे तुंगेऽपि कोटीश्वरम्।। -Uttara Kalarita (Ch. IV. 27)

Meaning: 'The units of brilliance for the seven plantes are Sun-30, Moon-16, Mars-6, Mercury-8, Jupiter-10, Venus -12, and Saturn-1. 

Take the Kalas of the lord of the ninth from Lagna and the lord of the ninth from the Moon. Add them. Divide it by twelve and take the remainder. Count the remainder from the Moon sign. This is Indu Lagna. If there is a benefic without any melefic, the native become a multi-millionaire. If there is a malefic, his wealth is in thousands only. If the melefic is exalted. he will be multi-millionaire." 

Rahu Ketu is not used in this calculation as they do not have the power to sustain anything like other planets and basically the moon. And also because they do not own any signs in the zodiac primarily. The rule Scorpio and Aquarius as co-lords only not as main lords.

To calculate Indu Lagna 
Note the lords of 9H from lagna and Moon. 
Add the Kalas of these two planets. 


Divide the sum with 12
Ignore the quotient and take the remainders. 
If the sum total of the two numbers is less than 12, then that number is treated as remainder.
Count the remainder number from the Moon sign. 
The sign / house arrived at  becomes the Indu lagna. 
 When the remainder is 1, the Moon sign becomes Indu Lagna; when the remainder is 2, then 2nd house from Moon sign becomes Indu Lagna, and so on.

Analysis of Indu Lagna:

A summary of the views of Acharya Kalidas and other scholars is as follows:

  • The quantum of wealth depends upon the natural disposition and strength of the planet (s) located in Indu Lagna. The planet aspecting, and aspected by the planet in Indu Lagna, also has a say in the matter.

  • When a planet is situated in Indu Lagna, the Dasha period of that planet gives wealth and prosperity.

  • A benefic planet (Jupiter, Venus, unafflicted Mercury, or waxing Moon) Indu Lagna gives very good wealth in the dasha-bhukti.

  • If two benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus, waxing Moon, or Jupiter and Mercury) occupy Indu Lagna, which also happens to be own sign (Swakshetra) or one of the benefics located there, the dasha period of that planet gives excellent result and makes the native very rich.

  • An exalted benefic planet in Indu Lagna will give sudden enormous wealth during its dasha-bhukti.

  • If there is no planet in Indu Lagna, then the planet in Kendra or Trikona from Indu Lagna, or aspecting it, will give prosperity in its dasa bhukti, commensurate with its strength.

  • A melefic planet in Indu Lagna gives moderate wealth. A benefic and a melefic planet in Indu Lagna will give mixed result.

  • But an exalted malefic in Indu Lagna gives very good wealth towards the end of its dasha.

  • Strong 2nd and 11th house from Indu Lagna also increases wealth manifold. 

3rd 6th 8th and 12th houses are considered as bad so these houses from Indu Lagna will be bad. 
3rd will show hard struggle to get Indu, 6th will show enmity with Indu, 8th will show dead to Indu and 12th ignored by Indu.

The 9th lord from Moon - Jupiter (Kala - 10)
The 9th lord from Lagna - Saturn (Kala - 01)
These total 11, and treated as remainder.
Counting from Moon Indu Lagna falls in Aquarius, which is occupied by Jupiter and aspects the Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 3rd house.
The native got government job at the age of 19 in Mars Mercury.
Jupiter also aspects Indu Lagna and Swakshetri Venus and Rahu there. In Rahu Dasha-Venus Bhukti, the native got foreign assignment in Indian Embassy and remained abroad for over 5 years. This considerably improved his financial status, and on return he purchased a DDA flat at Delhi at the beginning of Jupiter dasha in 1980.


The 9th lord from Moon - Mars (Kala - 06)
The 9th lord from Lagna - Mars (Kala - 06)
These total 12, and treated as remainder.
Counting from Moon Indu Lagna falls in Aquarius, which is occupied by Sun and aspects the Lagna and is in Kendra to Ascendant .
Indu Lagna Lord Saturn is exalted in 3rd house of enterprise showing his big name in business and his workaholic nature.
Indu Lagna is with Ascendant lord Sun that shows wealth showing enormous wealth to the native.
Co-lord of Aquarius Rahu is in 5th house showing his innovation, with 3rd and 10th lord of enterprise and profession Venus and 5L and Indu Lagna Lord aspects 5th house. It justifies the beauty of his apple products. Innovation, simplicity along with beauty. Leader in market and also in field of entrepreneurship he was due to ascendant lord and sun being in Indu Lagna although they are one but see them separately and new dimensions of interpretations will open in front of you.
By the time he was 24 during Ketu - Rahu - Jupiter dasha, Job’s “Apple Corporation” was worth $10 million that after one year grown to $100 Million. Ketu is in 5H from Indu Lagna.

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