Varsphal is known as Annual Horoscopy or Age Harmoni.
How to calculate Lagna of Varsh Pravesh

(a)  [Completed year of age x3]/30 = Bhagphala or Quotient
(b)  [(Completed year of age x3)+ Quotient]/12 = Remainder
The Remainder will indicate the Varsh Lagna or Ascendant for that running year.

For Example: Say a person is running in his 34th year of age.  It means he has completed his 33rd  year.
 First we calculate using formula at (a)
                                          [33x3] / 30 = 3 as quotient 
Now we use formula given at (b)
                                          [(33x3) + 3] / 12 = 6
It means Varsh Pravesh Lagna will 6th number sign which is Virgo.
How to Calculate Tithi of Varsh Pravesh
(a)     [Completed year of age x11] /170 = Quotient
(b)     [Completed year of age x11] + Quotient + Janam Tithi] / 30 = Remainder
The Remainder will be the number of Tithi of Varsh Pravesh.

How to Calculate Muntha Sign of Varsh Pravesh

[Number of natal Ascendant+ Completed year of age] /12 = Remainder.
The Remainder will indicate the Muntha Sign.

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