Vara or Week Day
Week day in the Hindu Panchanga system is considered from Sunrise to next day Sunrise
The 7 weekdays are:
SUNDAYAadivaar / Ravivaar. Ruled by the Aditya or Sun God.
A day of life, of integrity day of pure consciousness. Enjoy life, the Sun; pay attention to yourself and your inner Self. Good for enjoying work related to Nature, work related to gold, copper, trees, silk, fire, coronation. Control your anger and ego. Don’t be lazy, rude or violent.

MONDAYSomavaar.  Ruled by the Chandra or Moon.
Day of creativity, original thinking and intuitive things. Good for buying new things like clothes, accessories and jewelry, marriage, intuitive decisions and actions, approval from ladies, make changes and things related to mother, water, milk. Don’t be rigid or tough, Avoid hair cutting and manicure.

TUESDAY Mangalavaar /bhaumvasare. Ruled by Mangal or Mars.
Day of material things. Good for work related to minerals and metals, medicine, fire, electricity, sporting activities. Not suitable to begin new things. Avoid traveling, be extra careful if you have to travel, beware of injuries, quarrel, falls and accidents. Take care of your health.

WEDNESDAY    Budhavaram. Ruled by Budha or Mercury.
Day of wisdom, knowledge, happiness. A favourable day for all types of refined work, shopping, sales, business, logic, starting new projects, communication; meeting friends, gain knowledge, marriage, preparing and taking medicines; publishing and printing, media work and press release. Avoid lies, cruelty and violence, don’t bet.

THURSDAYGuruvaram. Ruled by Brihaspati or Jupiter.
Day of Guru and higher officials, worship, wisdom, knowledge, devotion, children and money. A very favourable day for activities like getting married, giving gifts, doing charity, buying, shopping for important things, selling, planning finances, for charity, learning scriptures and new things, meditation, meeting your guru or boss, teaching and spending time with children, for banking, financial planning, beginning new education. Don’t get angry, don’t be greedy, fickle minded or violent or lazy or ungrateful. Don’t tell lies.

FRIDAYShukravaram. Ruled by Shukra or Venus.
A day of love, pleasures, fine arts, harmony, luck and happiness. Good for buying jewelry, accessories, clothes, flowers and any fine art or decorative things,  marriage, courting the opposite sex, visiting or inviting friends, all types of pleasures, eating good food and
sweets, money matters, travel and tourism. Avoid selling important things, being lonely.

SATURDAYShanivaram. Ruled by Shani or Saturn.
Day of rest and recover, patience, service, work and charity. Take rest as resting on Saturday is good for longevity. Do things related to iron, land, farming and housing, yoga, meditation. Avoid fuss, doing anything important, don’t begin anything new. Behave yourself take care about your health. Don’t argue. Avoid haircut or manicure.
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