Gemstone as Remedial Measures

Remedial Measures are an important part of Astrology and forms part of the healing process. We use remedial measures in Astrology whenever a planet is weak or afflicted in a chart and needs to be strengthened. Strengthening malefic planets/lords will certainly strengthen the planet's energies, but will encourage their malefic influences as well.
Gems are so powerful, and can give side effects when wrongly prescribed.
 Gemstones carry very powerful vibrations.
Gems should be selected very carefully. Gems are not only meant for adornment but they also bear celestial power in them. They bear unique capability to make the human life prosperous. Some people want to wear gems according to the signs of their names, which is wrong. It is wise to wear gems after getting the horoscope analyzed.
There is a common concept that a trine in a horoscope is always auspicious. It means that the native can wear the gems of the lords of Lagna, fifth and ninth houses. But there is no need to wear all the three gems. There is no need to wear the gem if any of the planets concerned is in a exalted sign or in its own sign since it is already strong.
Gems are worn to increase the power of the planets. It is advised to wear the gem of a benefic planet if it is combust or weak. It will help increase the influence of that planet so that it may give auspicious consequences.
One should wear the gem of the lord of Ascendant if the Ascendant is weak or its lord is combust. This will keep him healthy. The gem of the lord of fifth house is prescribed for man if it is weak. A man may make his lady luck smile if by wearing the gem of the lord of ninh house if it is weak or combust in his horoscope. The gem of the lord of Ascendant is called Jeevan Ratna, of the lord of fifth house Karaka Ratna and of the lord of ninth house, it is called Bhagya Ratna.
The gem of the lord of trine is not advised to wear if it is debilitated. The gems of the lords of second and twelfth houses should also be not worn. Gems are also useful in getting some diseases cured. In no case, a person should wear the gem of an obstructing, debilitated or inauspicious planet.
It should also be kept in mind which gem is prohibited from being worn with some
other particular gem. Weight of a gem should be determined according to age and
weight of a person as well as the position of the planet concerned in his horoscope.

Gems are so powerful, and can give side effects when wrongly prescribed.
One should wear gems which are clear and without blemish.
For best results one has to wear only the highest quality.

Natural gemstones should be used rather than synthetic gemstones which have seen more recent popularity.

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