Commencing education - to begin education, be it of any type - one should look for the following two important Yogas: -
Saraswati Yoga :-

(a) Wednesday coinciding with Hasta, the rising sign at the time being
Gemini or Virgo with the Sun, Moon and Mercury occupying the Amsa
of Mercury.
(b) At sunrise on a Wednesday when Mercury is in deep exaltation.
(c) Wednesday, when Mercury is in Lagna and occupies the 3rd quarter
of Hasta.
(d) Jupiter in deep exaltation in Lagna on days other than Saturday and
Vidya Yoga -
(a) Friday when Pisces is rising and Venus occupies the 27th degree(deep Exaltation) of the same sign.
(b) Jupiter in deep exaltation and Cancer rising on Thursday.
(c) The day and constellation being propitious, the Sun must be placed
in his own Hora.
If education were to progress satisfactorily, one must have due regard
to the following considerations also.
The forenoon and the noon are the best. Malefics should be disposed in
the 3rd, 6thand 11thhouses. The 8thhouse should be clean and unoccupied by benefic or malefic planets.
For starting education, Wednesday morning would be the befit provided the election chart is otherwise well disposed and strong.
Learning Vedas and Sasrras - Pushyami, Dhanishta and Sravana are
auspicious ones. Let Jupiter be as strong as possible.
Learning Astrology and Astronomy - Aswini, Punarvasu, Pushyami,
Hasta, Swati, Moola and Revati are good.
Learning Grammar Logic and Philosophy - Rohini, Mrigasira,
Punarvasu, Pushya, Hasta, Dhanishta and Revati are favourable
Constellations for learning Grammar while for the other subjects
Sravana, Satabhisha, Hasta, Uttara, Moola and Revati are good. The
intellectual planet Mercury should be fortified as usual.
Learning Medicine - Dhanishta is the best constellation not only for
beginning the study of medicine but also for learning the use of firearms.
An affliction to Mars by Saturn should be avoided. Let the rising sign or
Navamsa be that of Mars or the Sun.
Learning Music and Dancing - Let Venus be as strongly placed as
possible avoiding affliction by Rahu or Saturn, as this is said to lead to
an immoral career. Hasta, Pushyami, Dhanishta, Anuradha, Jyeshta,
Revati, Satabhisha, Uttarashadha and Uttarabhadra are the best.
Harmonious aspects should exist between Jupiter and Venus. Place the
lord of Lagna in the 5th or 9th and see that these two houses are free
from affliction. Mercury-Venus conjunction in Lagna would be highly
Learning any Science - The Study of any science can be commenced
either in a Saraswati Yoga or in a Vidya Yoga under any of the special
combinations mentioned above.
Learning a Trade - The planet ruling the avocation should be well
disposed in regard to the ascendant and free from affliction. The
following are the occupations governed by the different planets.
The SUN denotes kings, members of political department, ministers,
magistrates, lawyers and civil servants. The Sun favourably situated in
relation to the 10th house bestows professions of the above nature. The
MOON rules over nurses, midwives, jewellers, dealers in pearls and
precious metals, and also governmental activities.
MARS produces soldiers, warriors, carpenters, mechanics, surveyors, chemists, bankers, commanders, insurance agents, and butchers. MERCURY gives rise to preceptors or school masters, mathematicians, authors, printers, secretaries, book-sellers, accountants and insurance agents.
JUPITER makes one a priest, a lawyer, a councillor, judge, scholar and a public man.
VENUS produces artistes, musicians, actors, perfumers, jewellers,
winesellers and solicitors with a keen intellect.
SATURN governs different kinds of professions involving responsibility and subordination, mill hands, compositors, hawkers, factory workers, scavengers and manual workers in general.
The planet in question may also occupy the 10th house aspected by
Tuesday must be avoided for learning any trade.
(Source :MUHURTHA (Electional Astrology)B. V. RAMAN)

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