Marana Karaka sthana literally means Death signifying houses
 Sun 12th house,
Jupiter 3rd house,
 Venus 6th house,
 Mars and Mercury 7th house,
Rahu 9th house,
Moon in the 8th house
Saturn in the 1st house.
If you find that these planets are placed in the house given herein it is not good for the native as it would create death like circumstances for the native. Such planets would destroy the house it placed in and also the houses they own. Marana means death, Karaka means significator, sthana means house
Sun is king. He would like to sit on a throne. He takes care of the health of all the living being in this universe. When placed in the 12th house it would die because we are asking the king to destroy the health of the natives and also 12th being the house of meditation how can we expect a king to rule mediate that is why it is Marana karka sthana for Sun.
Now coming   to Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet for peace and 3rd house represents courage and fighting and wars. This house is ruled by planet like Mars. Jupiter believes in peace but Mars believe in war. So when Jupiter goes and sits in 3rd house he dies there as he is given a weapon and asked for fight
Saturn is the planet of destruction and karma. Yama is the devata. 1st house is the house of lagna and health and intelligence. Saturn is the keeper of time and he counts the sins done by the souls. So we are asking the saturn who like to kill to take care of the health of the souls. And moreover Saturn is the son of the Sun. they are both dire enemies.
Mercury is a prince and when placed in the 7th house we are asking the planets to get into relationships when it is the time for him to study. So it is a marana kraka for that planet
Rahu placed in the 9th house and 9th house represents dharma. Rahu is a malefic planet and when placed in the 9th house the house of dharma is beatan up very badly by Jupiter. Hence it is like a death like situation for the Rahu and he would destroy the house he is owning also. 9th house is the house father and luck.
No there is no marana karaka sthana for ketu. Ketu does not have eyes.He is blind and ketu itself is the significator of moksha sthana the 12th house.
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