Neptune and Astrology

14 YEARS (roughly)

Neptune -__ universalization, or transcendence by dissolution
Neptune often causes worry rather than actual misfortune
Neptune has a delicate musical and artistic sense and an idealism and spirituality that recall Venus, whilst in other ways it is reminiscent of Jupiter, and its connection with drugs and poisons is distinctly Piscean. It is connected with all sort of liquidity

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces is the planet of mysticism and medium ship. It is associated with psychics, magicians, mystics, artists, musicians and writers. Neptune rules movies, television, theater, fashion and all forms of glamour  has a delicate musical and artistic sense and an idealism and spirituality quite like Venus .and appears to rule spiritualism and kindred practices. It is extremely sensitive, physically and mentally.
Neptune is connected with psychic people of all kinds. Neptune can represent either illusion or mystical illumination, depending on one’s spiritual evolution
Where Uranus was sudden and shocking in its action, Neptuneis gradual and
subtle. Where Uranus was the jolt of an electric cattle prod, Neptune is the drug
slipped into our drinks. Where Uranus confronted and challenged our
assumptions, Neptune highlights our old beliefs, expanding and exaggerating
them to grandiose proportions. Where Uranus was sporadic, Neptune is
cumulative. The effect builds over time, causing us eventually to forget the
pragmatic limits of our former perceptions.
e in the seduction of Neptune, we cannot distinguish reality from fantasy.
Whatever we feel, we believe

General Principle:
Sometimes considered a 'higher octave' of Venus, Neptune liberates one from intellectual consciousness, bringing extremes of beauty and love to the senses and emotions.
It evokes vision, which when positively expressed manifests as idealism; when negatively expressed, as escapism. 
Neptune is aesthetic; amorphous; attuned to the finest nuances of beauty, feeling and mind; blissful; compassionate; diffuse and at times subjectively unclear or confused; dreamy; enthusiastic; ethereal; highly emotional; imitative; impressionable through extra-sensory channels; intuitive; mystery-loving; mystical; peaceful; pulled by powerful motives towards abstract or sentient ends; romantic; self-deceptive; spiritually sensitive; unconsciously socializing; subtle beyond fitting words; unstable; and highly sympathetic; yet when denied a desired outcome, quick to renege on an undertaking. It inclines to finer
artistic sensibilities, and responds favorably to dance, harmony, poetry, rhythm, stringed instruments, and symmetry.
Neptune signifies ambushes; the artistic faculty; chaos; covert alliances; deceptions, including deceptive schemes and ventures; democratic and popular movements; desire; disguises; dreamers; emotion; erotic appreciation; exiles; false hope; feeling; frauds; illusion and delusion; imagination; impositions; intangible emotions; intrigues; intuition; many changes; mass movements and emotions; mobs; morbidity of outlook; proneness to succeed or fail through the influence of women; psychics; the psychic faculties; saintliness; the secrets of the life; secret societies; social unrest; sudden death; susceptibility to drugs; uncertain fortunes; visions; and wanderings.

People signified by Neptune include all those engaged in aesthetic, artistic, inspirational, literary, occult and psychic vocations (including mediums and mystics), or those connected with water. 

Physically, Neptune governs the cerebral ventricles and pineal gland; cell development and reproduction; glands; intuitive perception of a psychic genesis; poisons; nerve fibres; nutrition; optic nerves; psychic and telepathic functions; respiratory and throat tissues; spinal fluid; tears; and white corpuscule formation. When prominent, it confers a slim, orderly body; a mysterious expression; hypnotic eyes; sharp, almost cruel features; and a long head, bald at the temples. 

Disease include anaemia; catalepsy; drug addiction; energy depletion; glandular imbalance; hypochondriasis; neuroses; oxygen deficiency; and wasting disesases.

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