Uranus (discovered in 1781), Neptune (discovered in 1846), and Pluto (1 discovered in  1930) are invisible to the unaided eye. Therefore, their symbolism represents qualities  that are not part of the physical world of the senses that we normally identify as reality

Average time in a sign
7 Years
14 Years
20 Years

Exalts in Scorpio .Aquarius
House ruled: Eleventh House
Signs ruled: Aquarius
Gender:  Androgynous
One circle around the Zodiac: 84 years

Since it takes about 84 years
to complete a circle of the zodiac, it has influence over generations rather than individuals. The influence of Uranus on a generation is revealed through innovations, break-throughs, shifts in perception, etc  .
Uranus is the planet of change, rebellion and freedom and it rules over the sign Aquarius.
It is Higher Octave of Mercury, Uranus enables communication without the conventional mechanism of speech and physical conduction methods. It is therefore associated with radio waves, electromagnetic radiation and electricity, and nuclear radiation. It evokes originality, which when positively expressed manifests as inventiveness; when negatively expressed, as deviance. 
Uranus rules over Earthquakes and Natural Disasters..Rebellion, revolution, dictators, an autonomous state and free will all fall under the aegis of this planet.
Uranus punches holes in our assumptions about the nature of reality by provoking sudden shocks that disrupt the rhythm of specific habits and routines
It appears to rule official appointments and officialdom generally and those holding positions of authority and control.
It also signifies bereavements, blind impulses, catastrophes, changes (especially sudden changes), constructive and mechanical ability, enemies, estrangements, exiles, people in power or authority, public affairs, romances, sudden events, sorrows, suicides, tragedies, and uncertain fortunes.
The influence of Uranus in a chart brings with it the energy of Change, which, if the person or situation is not friendly to that energy, gets experienced as Disruption. When rising it gives an unconventional but good-natured type, outspoken, forthright and rough-and-ready.


People signified by Uranus include antiquarians, astrologers, aviators, electrical and scientific goods traders, electricians, discoverers, engineers, government or civic officials, inventors, lecturers, mesmerists, metaphysicians, original thinkers, patentees, phrenologists, pioneers, psychologists, public functionaries, radio technicians, spirit mediums, travelers, and all pursuing uncommon forms of work. 

Physically, Uranus governs the appendix; aura; brain and stomach membranes; breathing; electromagnetic forces; eyes; heart valves; motor nerves; nerve fluids; and the growth of long bones. When prominent, it confers a pleasing though ascetic or effeminate appearance; slim body; large, light, brilliant, keen eyes; and irregular features. 

Disease include fractures; inflammations caused by mineral deposits; lesions; ruptures; and spasmodic disorders.

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